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    About us
    Contact Person: Mr. Jackey Tang
    International Department
    Tel: +86 21 57874766 / 57874866
    Fax: +86 21 57871880
    Cell phone: +86 13524781006
    Email: jackey@shzxsj.com.cn
    MSN: zx_plastic@hotmail.com
    Company profile
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    Xinyun Plastic Co.,Ltd is a professional manufactory not only in the area of mold development and plastic injection, but also provide the design solutions for our customers.
    With high quality and good service over past 6 years, we have cooperation with customers world wild:
    Igloo Products Corp. US  /  Impark Luggage LLC. US
    RIO brands US / Koplin Outdoors US  / Winnwell clean Hockey INC. CANADA Ricoh JP  / Theorema Scandimavia AB. Sweden  etc.... 
    Our products including the areas:
    Outdoors, Luggage accessories, House ware, Industrial parts,Sports,Auto parts,Electronic parts,Agriculture,Equipments,Promotional gifts, Pet products, etc.
    As one of the professional manufactory in China, Xinyun would like to build long lasting cooperation with customers through our high quality products & superior customer service.

    Shanghai XinYun Plastic Products Co., Ltd.      Service complaints: 18917988688