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    The Development of Injection Molding Machine

    The injection molding machine can forming the plastic products directly for the complicated shape, precise measurements, or metal inserts and refinement plastic products, was widely used in the national defense, electronics, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education, health and daily life area. In today's fast-growing plastics industry, injection molding machine play an important role either in quantity or variety, and have 20% - 30% production in total plastic molding equipment production. Thus become one of the fastest growing and the largest number of plastics machinery. According to the relative materials, from 1996 to 1998 China have exported 8393 pieces (sets) injection molding machine and imported 42,959 pieces (sets), in 1998 the injection molding machine production reached 20,000 units, its sales is 42.9% of the total injection sales.

    There are many plastic processing enterprises dotted with in China, as the uneven equipment and technology, most plastic processing enterprises need the technological transformation. Recently years Chinese plastic injection molding machine industry have made obviously progress, especially for the more and more small distance of the injection molding machine technology with the international top brandí»s products. Meanwhile China have made great obviously changes in controlling level, products inner quality, style and appearance. To choose the domestic equipments and make smaller investment, can be also produce the good quality as the same with the import equipments, this is helpful to create good conditions for enterprises technological transformation.

    The Status of Chinese Injection Molding Machine Development

    According to incomplete statistics, the manufactories produce Injection Molding Machine more than 60 in China. Machines are classified by the structure styles - a horizontal and vertical. Machines are also classified common and precision style according to the finished products. The injection volume from 45 to 51,000 g for one time, Casting machine locks the mold strength between 200- 36,000 kN, the processing materials including thermosets, thermoplastics, rubber. Thermoplastics including polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, polyurethane, polycarbonate, acrylic, polysulfone and (acrylonitrile/ butadiene/ styrene) copolymer (ABS) and so on. According to the kinds of products, the plastic products are classified Monochrome or Color common and precision. The above products mainly manufactories have their own items and special feature, such as the Jieba-CJ item series injection molding machine produced by Guangdong Zhende Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, its each specification both have digital control and computer control styles. And for another manufactory, Zhejiang Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co., Ltd, its injection molding machine item HTF80X-HF3600X can be used in different precision thermal plastic products, the machine are used by linear motion sensor controlling injection, mold, top out, and the use of multiple CPU electronic control systems, large-format color LED display, computer control completely.

    The ordinary horizontal injection molding machine will still dominate the trend in the development of injection molding machines. Its basic structures not changed much so far. In addition to boosting its automation and reducing energy consumption, in response to the market changes, manufacturers are looking to providing serial combinations of the machine. For example: the same style injection machine setup with three injection sets including large style, middle style and small style injection sets, to make standard style and combine style, in order to get the obviously flexibility, enlarge using scope and improve economic efficiency.

    In recent years, industrially advanced countriesí» manufactories of injection molding machine over the world has been constant upgrading the function, quality, auxiliariesí» capacity and the automation of common injection mold machine. At the same time, vigorously develop tuba injection molding machine, special injection molding machine, reaction injection molding machine, precise plastic injection molding machine, to meet the production demands of plastic alloy, magnetic plastic and plastic products with inserts.  

    Injection molding machine has been one of the fastest developing and short distance level with advanced industrial countries, especially to common injection molding machine. But the main distance between advanced industrial countries and China is that some injection molding machines as yet at home such as the majority types in extra large style, different special precise injection molding machines.

    Injection molding machine of developing prospect

    Review 2008, the total value of global injection molding machine exports was 5.46 billion US dollars, of this total, Germany exports valued more than 20%, leads the world in the production scale of injection molding and been in the advantage position in the global injection molding machine competition. Italy and Japan in second and third places of global injection molding machine exports value, and US injection molding machine exports come down every year from 9.8% in 2000 to 5.3% in 2008.

    Japanese electric injection molding machine productions occupies an important role in the global market, have a 30% market share in North America. At the present, injection molding machine in European countries, America and Japan mainly with precise injection molding machine, tuba injection molding machine models of hi-tech products with high technology content and added value.

    After over yearsí» technological introduction and innovation, China has little difference in the manufacture level of low plastic molding machine production area with advanced countries, in addition to the advantage price of labor force, China has own over 50% market share. In recent years, Chinese plastic mold machine industrial not only have great progress in mid-range injection molding machine area, but also have made a major breakthrough in High-end injection molding machine area. Chinese market share will be gradually increasing in plastic injection molding machine industry.

         In terms of global market situation, the global building marketí»s sustainable development will boost the demands of extrusion products such as plastic pipes, wall and also boost the processing equipment. Thus, global extrusion equipment demands are expected to over other typesí» plastic molding machine. Research from United States market analyze company, showed that plastic molding machine demandsí» recovery signs in America and Japan will come back, and west Europe market demands will be a faster growth in 2011. The prospects for sales of plastic molding machine will be quite good in China, India and Russia. Demand for plastic molding machine is also growing rapidly in Turkey, Czechoslovakia, Iran and other developing countries.

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